In Memory Of

Our beloved Golden Retriever WESTERVELD

March 10, 2004 – June 07, 2013

Westerveld, our beautiful golden was born in Australia on the 10 March 2004, (Yes! We share the same birthdate though different year) and he’s a very special gift from hubby. We got him when we were in Aussie & he was from a litter of 9 puppies. Wester came to us when he was only an 8-week old puppy.



A perfectly obedient, gentle, and loving dog since he was a puppy. He is not just a pet at home but part of our family. He entered our lives 9 years ago and saw us through our courtship days, our marriage and our new additions in life, Nyeshia and Alyvia.

I could still remember Wester being as anxious and panicky as us when we had our first newborn, Nyeshia joining our family. We will often leave Nyeshia on the high chair & Wester is the best helper ever, he will dutifully safe guard the baby by resting below the high chair. When Nyeshia cries, he will get up and call out for us, ensuring we attend to the baby. While we were busy preparing milk for Nyeshia at the kitchen, he will pace up and down the living room, whining and hurrying us to quickly attend to the crying baby. When we finally get to our baby and stops the baby cries, he will then go to his favourite cozy corner to take a rest. That’s our Wester, thoughtful and dutiful in each and every way.

You are not forgotten my gentle giant.
Nor will you ever be
As long as life and memory last
We will remember you…….

It is not the length of Westerveld’s life, but the depth of his life. He was a blessing to all around him and he had touched us all in his special ways.

We will always remember him fondly, not in grief but in thankfulness that he was our family member, our dear pet dog.

We’ll always remember our gentle giant.

Thank you for all the happy memories, Westerveld.

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